Our Curriculum

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Montessori is Moving

Humans were meant to move, exercise, explore. In Montessori this never stops. We allow our children to move, to discover, to think and learn on their feet. Lessons are short, sitting around is minimal.

Montessori is Manipulatives

The connections between our hands and our brains are crucial to strong early childhood development. Here, we learn through our hands using Montessori materials, we build our knowledge and our experience through touch. There are no screens, no handouts no lectures. The Montessori Method relies on a classroom that we interact with constantly by moving through it, touching it, and manipulating it.

Montessori is Choice

Kids like coming to school in the morning because they know the day is theirs. The choices that they make and the work that they explore is entirely up to them. Adults are there to guide. A relationship to learning and empowerment is developed from the very first day of school.

Montessori is a Sequential Curriculum

Montessori classrooms hand over real agency to children by delivering a curriculum available to them through the prepared environment

Math, Language, Sensorial, Practical Life, Cultural Geography and Sciences. All sequential, all available so that the promise and power of an individualized curriculum is delivered each morning

Our Primary (3-5) Math and Sensorial curriculum provides an excellent example of the sequential objectives we use to design our program